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Ttl or manual flash for weddings

From connectivity with other R2 family of flashes, group control, Slave and Master options, power levels to Exposure Compensation (FEC), FV Lock, High Speed Sync, and an automatically zooming flashhead, all the way to complete manual control and advanced flash functions, the Zoom Mini flash takes you as far as you want to go, with an appreciation of Canon compact.

I shot 2 weddings last yr using auto ttl for my flash. ... manual flash v auto ttl. Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by kevin_mahoney|1, Jan 23, 2011..


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In this video, I discuss the differences between TTL and manual exposure when using camera flash, and which one is right for event photography. In truth, sho.

2015. 5. 13. · I've never used a TTL flash before and have used my manual flash in three shooting sessions so far. I will receive my first TTL flash (Nikon SB910) and was wondering the following things: In a wedding, with on-camera flash, bouncing off the ceiling, walking around taking pics of people dancing, etc.

Mar 22, 2005 · I also have a Metz auto flash with a guide no. of 36 that I don't use very often. Now here are my questions: since I'm not experienced with flash photography, I'm thinking whether to acquire a TTL flash to be used with my F3. Knowing that there're now things like D-TTL and i-TTL, I'm wondering if plain TTL would measure up effectively, i.e ....

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